Never Hungover | Case Study

We worked with Never Hungover in the Las Angeles market when they first launched the product to take their online sales to the next level.  Within one year, we had the following results:

  • Online following grew by 120,000 fans.
  • 0.59% CTR
  • 5,000% Sales Increase

Never Hungover was a national brand that sold both online and in retailers across the United States. Combined with outstanding POS marketing, the Never Hungover online marketing had to maintain the same image and success. Through aggressive, Geo and lifestyle targeted Google and Facebook ads our PPC campaigned that launched sales.  The combination of Social Media Marketing and Social Media contests gained the brand a consistently growing online audience and great content converted to excellent engagement. A steady email campaign regularly boosted sales to new and returning customers.  In all this campaign brought more sales, more fans and less hangovers.

Never Hungover Follower Increase
Never Hungover Ad Set

Services Used

“Kelly of Social Magnitude did a great job with the multiple aspects of online marketing for several of our companies. Through their efforts, our companies she’s worked with have been at the forefront of the latest internet developments and advertising methods.”

Joe MaloofJoe Maloof | President and CEO, Maloof Companies

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