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When using digital marketing to advertise your business online you are competing for screen time.  This might mean passing your competition for the coveted top organic listing in Google or writing the best copy for your pay-per-click ads.  Maybe it means you need to get the most online reviews. Or perhaps, you are determined to have the most fans on your social media pages confirming you as the leading authority in your industry. 

The question is, do you know how you match up to your competition online?  The answer, I’m afraid, is not that simple. From SEO, PPC, Social Media, Local Listings, Website Performance, and online reviews every industry and business is going to be different from the next.  Luckily, we have a free solution that you can use to quickly scan each of these areas against your competition to get a better idea about how you stack up. 

Our Snapshot Report will quickly tell you every detail about your business when it comes to each area of digital marketing.  Now, let’s learn more about what to do with these insights once you have them.

Your Overall Score

The first thing you’ll see when running a snapshot report is an Overall Score that quickly outlines how your business is doing in six areas of online marketing.  You have the potential of reaching a 100% score based on how each aspect of internet marketing is performing within your industry.

Overall Digital Marketing Score - includes local listings, reviews, social media, website performance, paid advertising and SEO.

Example Overall Score

Local Listing Presence and Accuracy

Example of Local Listing Scan covers listing presence and listing accuracy

Example From Local Listing Scan

If you have a physical location, it is imperative that your local listings are claimed and correct.  In fact, 73 percent of consumers lose confidence in a brand or business when their online listings are incorrect. This means that incorrect business information online could mean lost customers. 

The Snapshot Report will do a quick scan of your business’ information on over 70 local listing sites.  This will show you exactly which listings are missing information and what needs to be corrected.

If your score is high, congratulations! It’s important to keep it that way.  If your grade is low, you can work with each listing site individually to update the information or you can call us and we can help you get your listings in order at once.

Data Provider Accuracy 

In addition to the Local Listing Scan, you will find a review of how the four major listing providers in the United States view your business’s information.  Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup, and Neustar will reference over 300 online listing directories. Reviewing how your information is disseminated through them will give you a better understanding on how your business appears on the internet.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are essential to the success of a business in certain industries. Plus, the credibility of online reviews is consistently growing.  In fact, 92% of consumers now read online reviews vs. 88% in 2014. With this in mind, it’s important to see how your matches up with the industry average.

The Snapshot Report will show you how you match up to your industry’s average performers and your industry leaders in four areas:

  • Reviews Found
  • Reviews Found Per Month (in the last 6 months)
  • Average Review Score
  • # of Review Sources

After looking at your company’s performance in comparison to your competition, consider putting together a program to receive more online reviews.  This could mean a follow-up program with every customer. Or, you can ask the team at Marketing Magnitude for help.

Social Media

A company’s social media presence can reflect a lot about a business. It is also the top-ranked source where consumers look to find inspiration for purchases (37%). How you rank compared to your competition might be the difference of having a fan for life.  

The Social area of the Snapshot Report will compare your business against the industry average and the industry leaders.  It will review your following, average posts and average engagements.  

Social Media Report

Example Social Media Report


Managing multiple social media accounts is very difficult and time-consuming. So take a minute to review your industry standards and outline a plan that will increase your performance on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  

If you need help, Marketing Magnitude has excellent social media management packages available.

Website Performance 

Website Performance Scan

Website Performance Scan

Just like a car, your website will always need changes and tweaks to perform up to par.   You will want to make sure you have a fast site that loads quickly and functions properly on mobile, tablets and desktop devices.

Your website’s speed could be the determining factor on whether or not a site visitor will become a new client. The neural net found that as page load time goes from one second to seven seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 113%. This means, that if your site takes seven seconds to load, you’re in trouble.

The Snapshot Report will quickly cite any speed or functionality problems on your website.  Plus, it will offer suggestions on how to fix them.

Digital Advertising | Online Ads

PPC Marketing continues to be one of the top converting types of internet marketing. In fact, 46% of the total clicks go to the top three paid advertising positions on the search engine results page (SERP).  That means the competition is fierce.   

Your paid ad campaign will be competing against other companies’ budgets, keywords, audiences, and ad copy.  Taking a look to see what you’re up against is one of the best ways to beat them at the Pay-Per-Click Marketing game.

Our Snapshot Report reports on three areas of your digital marketing strategy.

Recommended Keywords

The “Recommended Keywords” area of the report will tell you the search volume of keywords that are relative to your industry, the possible clicks for each keyword and the average cost when purchasing it on Google Ads.

Campaign Performance

Easily compare your ad campaigns with those of your competitors in the “Campaign Performance” area of the Snapshot Report. The report will outline how many keywords are being used, how many clicks they are receiving and what their budget is. It will also show you how much of an overlap there is between your campaign and each competitor.

PPC Campaign Performance Review

PPC Campaign Performance Review


Since people don’t always convert the first time they come to a website, it’s important that they see your brand after they leave your site. This is where retargeting comes into play.  Retargeting uses a pixel placed on your site in order to show users ads when they leave your site for another website. The Snapshot Report will make sure you are using this feature correctly.

Using these insights will help you to optimize your PPC campaign.  You may need to add keywords or increase your budget. Or you might decide that you would like someone to manage your PPC campaign. As always, Marketing Magnitude is available to help.

 Search Engine Optimization

There are 67k searches performed on Google every second.  That is one reason why making sure your website is ranking at the top of Google for the most important keywords in your industry.

Organic Keyword Performance

To give you a good idea of how your competition is doing with their SEO strategy, the Snapshot Report gives you details about specific websites in your industry. You will find how many keywords each website is ranking for, how many clicks from search engines each website gets and what the overall value of each site. You will also see an overlay graph that will show you how many keywords your site has in common with each specific competitor’s website. 

Organic Keyword Ranking

On Google’s Search Engine Results Page, the first five organic results account for 67.60% of all the clicks. So, you want to make sure you included.  The Snapshot Report identifies some of the most valuable keywords that your website is ranking for.  Not only that, you will see your exact positioning on Google, the number of local searches per month and the number of global searches per month.

Organic Keyword Performance

Organic Keyword Performance Review

After Your Snapshot Report Is Done

Getting a good grasp on your business’s digital strategy’s success in relation to your industry isn’t as hard as it seems.  All you need to start is a quick scan like our Snapshot Report to get you on your way. After you’re done, then you can decide how you are excelling and what needs more work.  

Did you get straight A’s across the board? Congratulations! Keep up the good work.  Make sure you are always monitoring the analytics of your online advertising campaigns to ensure that you are always on top of your industry.  

Were there some areas that didn’t score well? Don’t worry! With digital marketing, you can change things quickly. Keep what is working and discontinue or optimize what isn’t.  

If you need help and would like to consult with a Digital Marketing Expert, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the Marketing Magnitude team members at 702.482.8529.

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