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A PPC Campaign Dedicated To Bringing You Leads, Phone Calls, Foot Traffic Online Sales and Overall Branding.

Organic Search Engine Ranking Takes Time, But Paid Advertising Will Be Placed to Start Working On Your Behalf IMMEDIATELY. After you have determined your monthly ad spend, your certified PPC specialist will create and maintain your paid ad campaign and constantly optimize it to increase results.

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Google PPC Search Ad Example

Text Search Ads

Text based search ads through a Google Ads managed account show up on Google search result pages when a user types in a targeted keyword. With these ads, we can highlight your business, offer deals, encourage users to call your business and much more.

Search Results Text  PPC Management Services Include:

 Keyword Research
 Bid Adjustments
 Long Tail Keywords
 Negative Keyword Discovery

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Social Media Marketing Ads

There are an estimated 2.77 billion social media users around the globe.  With Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, you can capture your exact target market with appealing imaging and messages. Some strategies include display ad campaigns, lead collection, and using Facebook Messenger to create a relationship with current and potential clients.



Google PPC Search Ad Example

PPC Campaigns Target Keywords And Audiences

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Google Ads Display Ads Examples For PPC management services Las Vegas

Display Ads

Display ads are banner advertisements placed on relative websites and to target audiences. Display ads create great brand awareness and are a great tool when remarketing to your current fans.

Remarketing Ads

Ever visit a website and then suddenly see their ads everywhere? This strategy is called Remarketing. Our team of professionals will help you re-engage users who have expressed an interest in your company by visiting your website or other marketing avenues with a strategy that will turn them into long-term customers.

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Google Maps Ads

77% of smartphone users regularly use navigation apps. With a PPC strategy, We can make sure your business location is easy to find on Google Maps!

Google Maps Ads through Google Ads with Pay Per Click Agency

Marketing Magnitude’s Certified Pay Per Click Marketing Team Provides:

Keyword Research, Targeted Ad Campaigns, and Top Level Analytics with Phone and Lead Tracking

Always Know How Your Campaign Performs With Real-Time Analytics!

Advanced tracking software for PPC campaigns, SEO, email marketing, social media and phone calls.

Log in to our dashboard at any time to access real-time reports covering:

Search Engine Rankings
Google My Business Statistics
Google Analytics
Social Media Statistics
PPC Campaign Reports
Phone Call Tracking
Web Leads
Email Marketing Statistics

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