eCommerce Case Study

Tipsy Totes

We’ve taken a variety of actions to make sure  the head-turning wine tote company Tipsy Totes has an online presence that lives up to the quality of their product line.  Through constant optimization of their eCommerce website, a robust PPC campaignemail marketing, online contests and content marketing we have been able to achieve the following:

  • Over 100%  increase of yearly sales in 6 month time period.
  • Consistent social media audience growth.
  • Increase in repeat customers.
  • Doubled email list in 6 months.
  • Helped to develop a new best-selling item based on Google analytic results.


In addition to having a great time with Tipsy Totes, we have developed a winning online strategy that has increased their yearly online sales by 100% in only 6 months.  Some of the strategies taken with Tipsy Totes included getting them heavily involved with celebrity sponsorships and influencer marketing, dynamic re-marketing PPC campaigns,  and email marketing.  One of the most popular content marketing strategies taken with Tipsy Totes are the release of seasonal printable wine labels that their fans can download and print for various occasions.  Another great success we’ve had with Tipsy Totes stretched off the computer screen quite a bit when we noticed specific actions on their site that related to a French Maid apron.  On our noticing of these trends, Tipsy Totes created a new product which quickly became one of their top selling items, their Affordable French Maid Apron.

Audience growth
Dr. Andrew Ogden from The Doctors on Tipsy Totes
Downloadable 4th of July wine labels

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