A Welcome to Internet Marketing Exposed, a video series from Social Magnitude created for business owners to give them a simple, comprehensible look at digital marketing so they can make quick, educated decisions on how to implement them into their businesses then get back to their company.

In addition to explanations, tips and tricks, the series will be exposing scams that frequently show up in the digital space.

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Kelly Rossi

Founder and CEO of Marketing Magnitude at Marketing Magnitude
Kelly Rossi is known for her 20-year history of successful online marketing strategies and entrepreneurship.After quitting her first job out of college in 1999 at an advertising agency who told her "the internet wasn't going to go anywhere," she set her career towards internet success.

Since then, Kelly has owned two advertising agencies including Marketing Magnitude, created a popular online community, and worked as part of the Maloof Companies on many projects.

Kelly continues educating small business owners about Digital Marketing and helping them to build their business through the internet. Will you be a part of it?