Marketing is an essential tool for any business to be successful. And thanks to the internet, businesses no longer have to rely on paper or print ads to do their marketing. Thus, digital marketing was born.

There are literally billions of websites and platforms for a business owner to take advantage of when they start marketing. It is smart, however, to consider the new mobile trend. Roughly 50% of paid search clicks take place on mobile devices. What else are users using on their mobile devices? Social media. According to Forbes, 78% of the United States uses social media. Using social media for marketing can be tricky as it is a delicate balance to uphold. Here are three social media marketing tips to that actually work.

Listen to Your Customers

Social media offers an amazing communication platform for customers to tell you what they want. They are much more likely to express their opinions via social media as opposed to over the phone, according to Ryan Koechel, VP of Marketing for ABODO. When you listen to your customers, you know that you are actually giving them what they want.

Monitor Your Stuff

When you market anywhere, but especially on social media, you want to make sure you are monitoring everything. How will you know that you met your goals if you don’t understand the progress you have made? Make goals at the beginning of the marketing venture, and measure them regularly. This way you will know if social media marketing is actually working out for you, or if it’s a waste of resources.

Be Personable

Social media is a great platform to show off your personality. This has not always been possible with traditional platforms like newspapers or magazines. On social media, however, everyone is encouraged to be themselves, and you are no exception. What makes you special and stand out? That’s what you should be expressing on social media to your customers.
There you have it, three social media marketing tips. Make sure to listen to your customers, monitor your progress, and be personal. Your customers are on social media as well, and you want to make sure to impress them with your ads.