LinkedIn has long claimed that InMail messages’ response rate is three times higher than that of cold email pitches.

What can you do to take advantage of this marketing method?

LinkedIn marketing involves more than just spamming people with messages until you receive a reply. There’s an art to it. So what is LinkedIn marketing all about?

Just like any social media marketing, you use the platform to reach potential customers to advertise business services. When B2B marketing on LinkedIn however, you have to approach things from a slightly different angle.

It’s not all about posts and followers like Instagram marketing. But it’s also not entirely about your message, like email marketing. It’s a fine-tuned balance between the two.

Your LinkedIn InMail messages have to be appealing and well constructed but are often shorter than an email would be. Plus, you have to have enough of an online presence that they want to reply to you.

Here’s how to tackle both of these areas.

How to Write LinkedIn Marketing Messages that Work

LinkedIn InMail messages have to be friendly but more direct than an email. Waffling on about your portfolio and adding links to previous work can lose their interest.

Instead, explain to them – briefly – why they should want to get in touch with you. LinkedIn suggests messages under 400 characters have the most success. Offer them an opportunity that’s too good to miss.

Then, make the message human.

What connection do you share? Is it your industry, a previous colleague, or something else? Mention this as early in the message as possible, ideally in the subject line.

But a snappy, intriguing message isn’t all it takes.

When someone receives your InMail, they’ll probably check out your profile before they respond. That includes your page and posts. How can you optimize them?

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Social media marketing is all about appearances, even when B2B marketing on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn profile should be up to date and feature a profile photo. This shows that you’re a real person, not just a bot.

For that reason, your profile should also look active. That involves posting content regularly and engaging with others.

Posting content gives you more presence as an authority in your industry. Even if you’re posting links to articles you didn’t write yourself, such as Harvard Business Review or the New Yorker, it still helps you appear knowledgeable and active in your industry.

Engage with others by liking or commenting on their posts, or by being active in LinkedIn groups. This has the added benefit of helping you build connections.

How to Use LinkedIn Marketing if You’re Short on Time

While all of this LinkedIn marketing advice is airtight, it definitely takes time. So how do you harness the benefits of LinkedIn marketing and use all these LinkedIn marketing tips if you’re short on time?

That’s where we come in. Not only can we show you how to use LinkedIn marketing, but we can also take the reins.

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