social media marketing strategiesVirtually everyone is on some form of social media. That makes it a great platform to utilize for your business’s marketing. Before you dive right into social media marketing strategies, here are some commonly believed myths that are absolutely not true.

It’s Only Facebook

It’s true that Facebook virtually dominates the social media numbers game, but it’s not the only social media network to consider when planning your social media marketing strategies. Other networks like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn all have their own unique advantages that a social media marketer must take advantage of in order to be diverse and successful.

It’s Free

While signing up for a social media account is indeed free, organic Facebook posts reach less than 3% of users. It takes a lot of time to create your content, optimize searches, and publish to multiple platforms. And as they say, time is money. Your persona and branding need nurturing to be developed, and that takes a great amount of time. In addition, you must often pay a fee to promote certain posts so they reach a wider audience.

It’s Easy

Social media marketing is not the type of online marketing that you can have an unpaid intern handle during their lunch hour. Even for small- to medium-sized businesses, it takes skill to develop a social media presence. An inexperienced marketer can unintentionally ruin your chances at success on social media simply because they don’t really know what they’re doing.

It’s All You Need

While social media marketing is a successful marketing tool, it shouldn’t be your only one. Social media works best when paired up with other strategies like content marketing, SEO, and influencer marketing. You still want to be found on Google, and a combination of these strategies will help you do that.

Social media sites and blogs reach eight out of 10 American internet users, accounting for 23% of the total time spent online. Social media marketing strategies work very well; you just have to know how to use them correctly. Your business can reap many benefits from social media as long as you understand the way it works. Give our team at Marketing Magnitude a call for more details on managing your social media marketing.