Proof that deleting blogs ruins your SEO

In the fast-paced digital landscape, businesses often seek quick fixes or changes to enhance their online presence. However, an ill-advised decision to delete blogs can have catastrophic consequences, as one of our clients at Marketing Magnitude painfully discovered.

In 2020, a valued client chose to discontinue our SEO services and opted for a different agency’s approach. Unfortunately, the new agency made a critical blunder by deleting all of the blogs from the client’s website. The deleted blogs included four years of SEO-optimized content that was written monthly by us.  The result was nothing short of a digital disaster.

Prior to the deletion, the client’s site held a robust position, with rankings on Google, substantial organic traffic, and a tangible value ranging between $3,000 to $5,000. However, the swift deletion of their blog content caused a seismic shift in their online presence. The website’s worth plummeted to a mere $100, and the hard-earned rankings vanished into the digital abyss.

This drastic decline wasn’t merely about losing traffic; it was a blow to the site’s credibility, authority, and long-term value. Deleting blogs isn’t just erasing words; it’s erasing the essence of your online identity.

What To Do With Old Blogs

At Marketing Magnitude, we firmly believe in a different approach—one that revolves around enhancing and updating existing content rather than eradicating it. Outdated blogs can indeed hamper SEO efforts, but the solution isn’t eradication; it’s evolution.

Old blogs possess inherent value and can be revitalized by updating them with current, relevant information. By refreshing content, optimizing keywords, and adding new insights, we can breathe new life into existing articles. This strategy not only maintains SEO rankings but also boosts credibility, ensuring that your website remains a digital asset.

How Could This Client Have Picked a Better Company for SEO?

The above SEO nightmare is a result of choosing a digital advertising agency that knows very little about SEO.  The agency has focused much of its efforts on branding and social media. Consider this a warning of what to look for when choosing a digital marketing agency.

When diving into the realm of SEO, choosing the right company to trust with your online presence can feel like navigating a maze blindfolded. The key to finding a trustworthy SEO company lies in several discerning factors that collectively reflect their expertise, reliability, and commitment to your success.

Good Digital Agencies Can Prove Their Results

Firstly, proven results serve as the cornerstone of trust. An SEO company worth its salt will readily showcase a track record of tangible achievements. Look for case studies, client testimonials, or even direct conversations with previous clients to gauge the efficacy of their strategies. Genuine success stories speak volumes about an SEO company’s capabilities.

If A Search Engine Optimization Company Is Around For Years, There Is A Reason

Years in the business carry substantial weight. While not a definitive measure of quality, longevity often signals stability and adaptability in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Companies that have weathered industry changes and demonstrated resilience are more likely to possess the experience necessary to navigate complex SEO challenges.

If an SEO Company Says Their Only Strategy Is To Install a Plugin On Your Site, Run

A trustworthy SEO company doesn’t limit its efforts to just one aspect of optimization. They understand the intricate dance between onsite and off-site content. Onsite optimization involves tweaking your website’s elements to improve visibility and user experience, while off-site efforts encompass strategies beyond your website, such as link building and content marketing. A company proficient in both areas can holistically enhance your online presence.

Ultimately, trust in an SEO company should stem from a blend of their demonstrable success, a history of navigating industry changes, and a comprehensive approach to optimizing both onsite and off-site content. When these factors align, you’re more likely to find a partner who can elevate your digital presence effectively and ethically.

End Result: Our Client Is Back

Now, as fate would have it, the aforementioned client is back with us at Marketing Magnitude. We’re diligently working on restoring and revitalizing their online presence. This is a process that involves resurrecting deleted blogs, updating existing content, and leveraging our expertise to reinstate lost rankings and traffic.

In the world of SEO, there’s immense power in continuity and evolution. Rather than discarding valuable content, we advocate for its transformation. By learning from this costly mistake, our clients are now embracing a strategy that values the foundation they’ve built.

The key lesson here is clear: instead of deleting blogs, update them. Preserve your digital legacy, maintain your worth, and propel your online presence forward.

At Marketing Magnitude, we’re not just rebuilding websites; we’re restoring trust, value, and success in the digital realm.