Did you know that customers will ignore around 70% to 80% of the results they see on a sponsored search result? If you own a business or are in marketing, this poses a large problem when it comes to generating leads. So do you know how to get their attention naturally and for free?

One tactic is to employ a time-tested AIDA formula in all of your marketing efforts. Read on as we give you an essential guide on the AIDA formula.

What Is the AIDA Formula?

AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. It is a formula that can be used in all your marketing materials, from web content to brochures. The main purpose of the AIDA formula is to grab the attention of potential customers and draw them into the sales funnel.

Not sure if it works? Well if you got this far into the article, it did. Look back at our introduction and see how it follows AIDA.

The first sentence grabs your attention with a worrying statistic. Interest is sustained by building on what went before. This then moves into desire, because who wouldn’t want to know how to get more customers for free?

After this, the next paragraph tells you the action to perform by commanding you to read on for the essential guide. By this point, you have slipped easily into the body of the article.


This is the opening gambit, so needs to be done well. Use direct, actionable, and easy-to-understand language.

Make sure it relates to the kind of person who has searched or opened the article. For example, if it is a business article, include business statistics. A marketing article may perhaps ask marketing-related questions.


Interest is possibly the hardest part of this copywriting formula to get right. Use it to build on what you have said previously, perhaps by including industry-related terms to show your knowledge. You may also use it to demonstrate you understand the audience.


Desire is the part where you tell people what your offer is. It can be overtly obvious, such as telling them you have a product that is a solution. However, as part of content or sales copy, you may also use it to ask them rhetorical questions about their needs or wants.


Action involves using a call to action (CTA). This is an essential part of any solid marketing strategy. It tells the reader what they need to do next, be it read further, sign up for an email list or simply make a purchase.

Good tactics include instilling a sense of urgency in the language. You may also choose to offer incentives to move them along to the next phase.

Using AIDA for Marketing Purposes

Now you know the AIDA formula, you can gradually introduce it to your digital marketing strategy. It also helps to revisit old copy and update it for SEO purposes, so you could also go back and introduce it to any older copy or content. Soon, you should find a big improvement in your sales funnel.

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