pay per click managementAnyone in the digital marketing industry knows that the landscape of search engine optimization and pay per click advertising is constantly changing. Google frequently remodels algorithms to hone in on the results users are searching for.

In 2018, Google and many other online giants implemented much-needed privacy updates that transformed data harvesting. As the new year approaches, these and other changes will continue to influence how businesses use the internet to market their products.

Whether you’re an agency that specializes in SEO, or a small business looking to increase your company’s online visibility, here are three pay per click management changes and trends to watch for in 2019:

1. Shift In Focus: Away from Keywords and Towards Audiences

Last year, Google rebranded its advertising interface from AdWords to the new, reimagined Google Ads. This change reflects a transformation in the paradigm of Google advertisements, with a reduced focus on keyword queries and a greater focus on which audience is searching for what. In other words, the context of a search will become perhaps more important than the keyword search itself. Though experts disagree about how significant or influential this trend will be in the coming months, the shift from keyword to context is one to watch closely.

2. Increased Automation

Increased automation will undoubtedly characterize every industry in 2019, and online marketing is no exception. Google’s automated tools for pay per click management will become more and more necessary for Google Ad users. Why? Google has been constantly increasing the number of data points it uses to determine which ads appear with which keyword. Eventually, there could be too many variables for a PPC analyst to manage without the aid of Google’s bidding tools. Rather than resisting increased automation, the most successful campaigns in 2019 will learn to leverage these tools in combination with human analyst strategy.

3. Increasingly Important Video Strategies

Finally, nearly every digital marketing agency has observed the increased relevance of video as a marketing platform, especially in relation to social media marketing. In the past, 74% of brand marketers saw an increase in website traffic after investing only six hours per week in social media, but dominating social media strategy in 2019 might require special focus on video content. In fact, video has emerged as the top type of content for mobile devices. Though video advertising can be expensive, if your audience and customers access most of their online information through cell phones, video advertising might be your next big move in 2019.

If you work in pay per click management, keep your eyes peeled for new innovations and exciting changes in 2019. As always, adaptability will be the key to success as the landscape of the internet changes with the time. For more great advice about content marketing and pay per click management, contact Marketing Magnitude today!