pay per click managementDo you know if your pay per click advertising campaign is going well? Do you suspect that your account structure is not helping your business achieve its marketing goals? Whether your company is just getting started in the PPC world or is a seasoned veteran in the Google Adwords arena, chances are, your PPC strategies could use an update.

While almost any PPC campaign has a little room for improvement, in some cases, urgent action is needed to fix major problems. If you notice any of the following warning signs, it might be time to overhaul your PPC strategy or else risk losing money and customers:

Red Flag #1: Your Quality Scores are Low Across the Board

Your quality score is essentially a one-to-ten scale Google uses to estimate the quality of your keywords, ads, and landing pages. A low quality score here or there is not unusual, and is generally little cause for concern. However, if your average keyword quality score is five or lower, you might need to transform your approach.

Red Flag #2: You’re Spending, but Not Generating Conversions

Another big warning sign that your pay per click management strategy needs help is that you’ve been steadily spending on Adwords bids, but not seeing your revenue increase accordingly through conversions. While there are many factors that might be preventing your ads from leading to conversions, if you suspect that your ad spending is costing you money rather than making you money, it is definitely time to reevaluate. Some causes of this imbalance might be:

  • Bidding during unprofitable hours and weekdays
  • Sticking to broad-match keywords and not including negatives or long-tail keywords
  • You have yet to determine a reliable tracking method for your campaign, so you’re not even sure if your PPC account is making your or costing you money

These are just a few possible causes of an expensive and unsuccessful PPC strategy. To determine exactly what is hindering your conversion rates, consider seeking help from a digital marketing agency.

Red Flag #3: You’ve Got One or Two People Managing Everything

Another less technical sign that your company needs a pay per click management makeover is that you have only one or two people handling all of the company’s digital marketing efforts. Even small businesses often have separate departments dedicated to social media, content creation, PPC, email marketing, and more. If you’re expecting one or two people to wear multiple hats and boost your site’s rankings, it might be time to restructure.

What You Can Do

Working directly with a digital marketing agency is an effective way to boost your website’s relevance and spread your company’s message through online platforms. An agency can help your company keep up with pay per click management and help you adapt to new trends in the digital landscape. For example, mobile devices now account for 52% of paid search clicks. Is your campaign successful on mobile devices? Consider hiring an agency like Marketing Magnitude to keep your PPC, and your brand, relevant.