In a growing technological world, social media ads and Google ads account for 50% of ad money in the U.S. No matter where you click, digital ads follow you.

The feud between social media ads, like Facebook, and Google ads is intense. However, it’s essential to know that though these are seen as competitors, they are two different forms of online marketing. Regardless, one should consider using both to advertise, instead of setting them apart from one another.

Are you a business wondering which ad platform is worth it? Are you stuck between investing in Google or social media ads? In this short guide, you’ll be able to learn what the differences are and what digital advertisement caters to your needs. Optimize your PPC (pay-per-click) ad platform by knowing what type of ads are best for you!

Google Ads: Get Paid By Searching

You will find yourself choosing Google ads if you are selling a specific product or service. These ads are perfect for people who are already in the purchasing process of their search.

Advantages of Google Ads

The main advantage of Google ads is that you will have a seemingly endless audience. With over 246 million unique Google users, you’ll be running an ad on an immersive platform.

Other advantages include being able to:

  • Target a specific audience
  • Manage campaigns
  • Have level competition
  • Higher CTR

Social Media Ads: Get Paid By Socializing

If you’re looking to increase awareness of your business, then social media ads are your best pay-per-click campaign. Social media ads will entice a newcomer to check out your business, and potentially cause them to support your cause. They are great for curating interest and impulse purchases.

Advantages of Social Media Ads

Social media ads are user-friendly, so they are much more welcoming than Google ads. For example, social media ads use visuals as their main marketing strategy.

Other advantages include:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Low-cost advertising

Cons of Google Ads and Social Media Ads

Google ad campaigns may be a disadvantage if you aren’t sure how to work the platform. It’s important to be familiar with your audience and competition, and know how to market.

Having people in the early stage of their sales cycle means you’ll garner less interest; this is the main issue with social media ads. It’s unlike Google ads, which are catering toward people who are ready to purchase.

When using social media ads, you must know how to establish a brand and presence in your industry. Treat the process like a business project and network for marketing assistance. As long as you invest your time, you’ll see your business flourish in no time!

When in Doubt, Use Both!

Regardless of the differences, both google and social media ads optimize digital marketing. Social media advertising will promote your business, while Google ads will place the purchase into motion.

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