Do you want to know how to run YouTube ads? Perhaps you want to enhance your current campaign.

Regardless, running YouTube ads requires unique content and extensive remarketing. Moreover, utilize video extensions to convert more leads into sales.

This article will show you how to get ads on YouTube efficiently. Let’s explore.

Create Engaging Videos

To run YouTube ads effectively, make them unique. Create something that deviates from traditional ads. Assess the ads of your competitors.

Do they contain the same themes or tropes? If so, create something different.

All too often, ad creators produce stale and predictable content. A key rule in branding is pulling on the heartstrings of consumers. Tell a story to stir emotions in people.

The story can provoke such emotions as anger, happiness, or sadness. Above all, use advanced audio and video to enhance the narrative.

To tell an effective story, think about things that trigger your emotions. From there, determine how you can incorporate those emotions into the ads.

Target Your Demographic

Telling a story is important, but you must also target the right audience. You can reach your target demographic with search-based advertising. This method gives markers the ability to apply the right ads in videos based on a user’s YouTube search history.

This will help you create tailor-made ads that appeal to a certain group. Search-based marketing is also vital if an audience watches a channel that’s relevant to your industry.

Moreover, the best form of targeting is retargeting. You may have a backlog of interested viewers who haven’t taken action. If you have a YouTube channel, for example, you can remarket to the following viewers:

  • People who subscribed to your channel
  • People who commented
  • People who liked your video

YouTube also allows content creators to create a list of interested viewers based on their viewing habits. To add someone to the list, however, they must watch the entire ad or at least 30 seconds of it.

Know the Ad Types

In addition to knowing your demographic, know the most effective ads for your audience. Overall, there are four main types of ads on YouTube:

A skippable ad allows viewers to skip it after five seconds. The advertiser only pays for an ad when they watch it beyond the five-second mark.

Since most people skip the ads, many advertisers use non-skippable ads. However, you should only use skippable ads if you want to promote your brand aggressively, or if you have a compelling ad in mind.

Conversely, non-video ads are banner ads. They may appear on top of YouTube videos and are called overlay ads. They could also be on your sidebar, otherwise known as discovery ads.

Adding Extensions

When viewers are ready to take action, make the process as easy as possible. You can make your ads more accessible with video extensions. Extensions come in the form of:

  • Call-to-actions
  • Store information
  • Lead generation tools

Moreover, you can include these extensions next to your videos.

Running YouTube Ads the Smart Way

Above all, running YouTube ads requires compelling content. Create an ad campaign that elicits emotion.

Further, ensure that you’re reaching the right target audience. When finding the right viewers, add extensions to promote further engagement.

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