Surveys indicate that 75 percent of online consumers prefer to buy in their native languages. And 30 percent of them never buy from English-only sites.

Localizing content marketing is important if you want to reach customers from other parts of the world. Let’s look at 5 major benefits of having a local marketing strategy.

1. Find New Customers

The most fundamental benefit of localized marketing is the ability to expand your potential customer base and bring in new buyers. The internet broke down most of the barriers to doing business globally so why not reap the rewards of the huge audience it offers?

2. Overcome Cultural Differences

Relying on your primary content to reach a global audience can lead to cultural misunderstandings. In some cases, those differences could be enough to turn potential customers away before they even consider what you have to offer.

For example, most Americans are familiar with the slogan “It’s finger-licking’ good” but when that’s translated into Chinese it becomes “We’ll eat your fingers off.”

You would need to localize that slogan through more than a simple translation.

3. Increased Sales

This benefit goes hand-in-hand with finding new customers – increasing sales. If you can reach a larger audience, your potential revenue increases as well.

And depending on how you process payments in other parts of the world, this might help you diversify your income between higher and lower value currencies.

4. Gain a Competitive Advantage

If you localize your content marketing to reach new audiences and your competitors don’t, you’ll have a significant competitive edge. You’ll be able to establish yourself as an authority in your market in all the regions you’re targeting, not just your home base.

Your marketing message will also resonate with those consumers much better than your competition’s. Even if your products are virtually identical in every way, your target market will see you as the better choice.

5. Improve Local SEO

Localizing your content marketing for a particular audience also optimizes it for local search results.

Google and other search engines rank local search results separately from the “regular” results. Ranking for local searches can push you ahead of sites that typically outrank you.

Localizing your content can result in your pages getting listed in the Google 3-Pack. These are the 3 listings at the top of the local search results in Google. These results have more details that the rest of the listings which generally results in a much higher click-through rate.

Localizing Content Marketing is More Than Just Translating Your Content

There’s more to localizing content marketing than simply translating your pages into another language. You need to do some research to learn local details that could impact how people view your company. You might need to target different social media platforms and ad networks as well, depending on the region.

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