seoHave you been hesitating taking advantage of that little ghost icon? For longtime small business owners, Snapchat might not be the first social media marketing solution that comes to mind. But since its launch in 2013, this platform has become much more than a glorified selfie database. It is now a great tool for businesses of all sizes to interact with their customers and supplement their other SEO strategies. If you are just getting started with Snapchat, follow these tips to take full advantage of the platform.

Provide Behind The Scenes Looks

Show your snapchat followers the inside of your business. Capture short interviews with staff members, film snaps of the production process,
and take them on tours to engage your followers fully.

Take Advantage Of Ads

Much like other social platforms, Snapchat allows users to place ads. Since social sites now reach eight out of ten internet users in the United States, accounting for 23% of user time online, these ads are certainly worth your while.

Engage Users With A Contest

Host a Snapchat giveaway by thinking of a theme and encouraging users to send you photos or videos centered around that theme. Choose your favorites and award a prize. This is a great way to gain followers and encourage users to engage.

Try A Takeover

Snapchat takeovers are a trendy technique that actually works. Choose a staff member or local celebrity and ask them to create your Snapchat story for a day. Users will love seeing this different perspective.

Create Your Own Lens

As a more advanced internet marketing option, Snapchat’s lens feature allows users to tap on the screen while using the front-facing camera to place a funny filter over their faces. You can create your own. If you own a pizza shop, for example, you might create a lens that makes the user look like they have a pizza on their face.

With some practice, your company will learn how to use Snapchat to its full potential. Consider following competitors or larger companies in your field to see what they are doing with the platform. By adding this trendy social skill to your SEO and marketing portfolio, you are spreading your reach as far as possible.