social mediaFrom your social media profiles to your SEO strategy, digital marketing is at the hub of your small business’s success. But your marketing strategy rides on one key element:

Your website.

As you craft your marketing techniques, you are likely watching your website analytics quite closely. And sometimes, these analytics are not showing what you expect. You might notice that users are clicking away from your site more than you would like.

Why? Your website design might be at fault.

The next time you are going over your digital strategy, take the time to revisit your web design and look for these sneaky mistakes. Changing them could get you the traffic boost you’ve been looking for.

Slow Load Times

Most users will click away from a page after just a few seconds, so be wary of this mistake. If any of your pages are loading slowly, cut down in interactive elements, large pictures, and other multimedia elements. Do what you can to slim down the code to simplify the entire website.

Hidden Contact Info

Potential customers want to know where you are located and how they can reach you. So, if they can’t find this information easily, they are going to click away and look elsewhere. Keep users on your site by placing your contact information in several accessible places.

Busy Design

No one wants to be overwhelmed as soon as they click on a search engine link. If your home page in particular is full of photos, text, links, and other crowded elements, consider how you can clean it up. You should focus on how you can guide a user through your site rather than bombard them with all possible information at once.

Irrelevant Information

Studies show that content marketing generates three times as many leads as outbound marketing, while also costing 62% less. But if your content is out of date or simply not relevant to your industry, this strategy won’t be as effective. This applies to your social media and site blog, so keep these updated.

Broken Links

When links are not coded correctly, users will find themselves reading a “Page Not Found” message rather than the information they were expecting. This looks unprofessional on your part, so be sure to catch these quickly.

Just as it would with your social media pages, carefully adjusting your web design will create the best possible results for your business. By catching and fixing the above mistakes, you can attract users to your site and keep them there. This will increase your chances of turning the average user into a customer.