This site Ranked for over 700 keywords in 4.5 months

In the fiercely competitive world of digital marketing and SEO, achieving high search engine rankings can seem like a daunting task. However, there are exceptions, such as the remarkable case of FamilyFun.Vegas

In this blog post, we’ll explore how this website managed to rank for over 700 keywords in just four and a half months.  Most surprisingly, this was all done without relying on a traditional backlink-building strategy. We’ll dive into the key factors that contributed to the site’s success, including the highly organized and user-friendly website, use of schema markup, site speed optimization, internal linking strategy, and much more.

The Power of FamilyFun.Vegas

FamilyFun.Vegas is a much-needed resource that caters to local families seeking kid-friendly activities not on the well-known strip. This website has managed to stand out in the crowded online landscape by adopting a multifaceted approach to SEO and user experience. Here’s how it achieved outstanding results with only a minimal backlink strategy:

Organized and User-Friendly Design:

FamilyFun.Vegas has a clean and intuitive website design that utilizes interactive maps, an online directory, and events calendars. The site’s organization and user-friendliness are remarkable. It allows visitors to easily navigate through maps of activities near them and a scheduled events calendar. This streamlined structure makes it simple for users and search engines alike to find relevant information.  Ultimately, this boosts the site’s search engine rankings.

Strategic Schema Markup:

The website harnesses the power of schema markup to provide rich, structured data to search engines. Schema markup is particularly beneficial in helping search engines understand content context better. FamilyFun.Vegas has effectively employed schema markup, enhancing its visibility in local search results. This plays a crucial role in guiding users to family-friendly activities in Las Vegas.

Optimized Site Speed:

Site speed is critical for both user experience and SEO. FamilyFun.Vegas has invested significantly in optimizing the site’s speed. This not only improves user experience but also positively impacts search engine rankings since Google values fast-loading websites.

One Year of Planning and Development:

Success doesn’t happen overnight. FamilyFun.Vegas spent a year planning and developing the website, addressing every detail. The site organizes over 280 venues within the Las Vegas Valley into 70+ family-friendly categories. This took time to compile.  

For example, each public park is listed under “Parks” as a general category, and additionally into categories like “volleyball courts”, “playground”, and “picnic areas” based on the park’s features. This organization creates a strong foundation that ensures that the site is optimized for both users and search engines.

Developed by an SEO Expert:

The website’s success is also attributed to the fact that it was developed by someone with over a decade of SEO experience. Their in-depth understanding of SEO principles and practices played a pivotal role in crafting a site that search engines love.

Unique Content:screenshot of mobile friendly map site

From an SEO perspective, activities and events located on the strip, Las Vegas Blvd, dominate search engine results globally. Searches for this content range from 5-7 million searches per month. This is hard to compete with on Search Engines. But local Las Vegas residents are desperate to find things to do with their families away from the “sin-city” chaos.  This is the content that FamiliyFun.Vegas is built on.

FamilyFun.Vegas covers exactly what locals are looking for in the easiest way imaginable.  The interactive maps and an events calendar keep people coming back.  All of which send signals to Google that this site is just what the SERP doctor ordered.  Their listings and event descriptions are not only informative but also unique with excellent photos.  The listings also are personally fact-checked by the owner visiting kid-friendly locations in the Las Vegas area. This dedication to delivering valuable, original content is a significant driver of their search engine ranking success.

Mobile Optimization:

Imagine wanting to go to a park where you can BBQ some burgers with your family.  With you simply choose BBQ from the menu and your phone turns into an interactive map so you can navigate to a park near you that has BBQ grills.  It’s that easy.

With the increasing use of mobile devices, it’s essential for a website to be mobile-optimized. FamilyFun.Vegas has a responsive design, ensuring that it looks and functions seamlessly on smartphones and tablets. This commitment to mobile-friendliness aligns with Google’s emphasis on responsive design.

Effective Internal Linking:

While they have not actively pursued traditional backlinks, yet, FamilyFun.Vegas has leveraged internal linking. Their well-thought-out internal linking strategy connects related content logically, guiding visitors to discover additional events and activities.  This is depicted through the highlighted features that exist on each listing.  

For example “rides”, “bathrooms”, and “trampolines” might be shown on a listing. When these features are clicked, every listing with that same feature is displayed.  This not only enhances the user experience but also helps distribute link equity throughout the site, benefiting its SEO.

Social Media and Partnering Local Businesses:

The website has embraced social media platforms and formed partnerships with Las Vegas businesses. These channels not only drive direct traffic but also provide some backlink value, contributing to the site’s visibility.


The success story of FamilyFun.Vegas serves as a testament to the power of a holistic SEO approach that emphasizes user-centric design, content quality, and strategic technical elements. By focusing on providing an exceptional user experience through organized website design, schema markup, site speed optimization, meticulous planning, seasoned SEO expertise, unique content, mobile optimization, and a well-planned internal linking strategy, this website achieved remarkable rankings for over 500 keywords in just four months. 

It’s a testament to the idea that, in the world of SEO, a well-rounded strategy can yield exceptional results. Sometimes, even without an extensive backlink profile.

As an SEO company would we recommend not utilizing backlinks to anyone else? Not under any circumstances. And, as the developers of FamilyFun.Vegas, a backlink strategy is already in the works. 

Sometimes, an opportunity comes along to test a site’s traction without one strategy or another and this was the case here.  In other words… the results accomplished here were done by trained professionals, do not try this at home.

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