Digital Marketing StatisticsWith people of all ages using the internet and social media, it may be tempting to streamline your digital marketing strategy. However, while all generations are using these platforms, it does not mean that they are behaving the same way. This is why generational marketing remains relevant even after all age groups have entered the digital age.

By understanding how each generation behaves and uses the internet, you can better target your marketing campaigns. If executed well, you can target the right demographic and boost your sales. This guide will help you curate your social content accordingly.

Baby Boomers

While this generation was once seen as the least tech savvy age group, they are actually widely active on social media. Many baby boomers are especially active on Facebook, so be sure to take advantage of Facebook ads. As far as your blog and other content go, boomers tend to enjoy useful, high quality content. This is also the generation that will take well to email marketing campaigns.

Generation X

While this generation may not be as closely analyzed as boomers and millennials, they certainly have their own buying behaviors. Gen Xers tend to have strong brand loyalty, so relationship-building can be highly effective. Remember that many members of this generation are raising families, so this may be a focus of this relationship. Much like boomers, this generation is active on Facebook but is also taking to Instagram as well. Cross-platform ads may be the way to go for these social users. Gen X is also conscious of sales and deals, so you may benefit from targeting promotions at them.


As you likely already know, this generation is tech savvy, trendy, and active on social media. This why you should focus your digital marketing on all modern platforms to draw in these buyers. It’s important to focus on trends and get millennials interacting with your content. Remember that many members of this generation are content creators themselves, so you should work with them rather than targeting at them. This is also the generation of social influencers, so consider how this model might be relevant to your product or service.

Remember that you do not have to make three completely separate internet marketing campaigns to target these generations. Just as 74% of marketers saw a boost in web traffic after just six hours on social media, you can spend just a little time on adjusting your messages. Making small changes and targeting certain aspects of the digital marketing campaign will likely do the trick. Also keep in mind that these age groups have more in common than you may think, so be careful not to overdo it.