digital marketing agencyWith so much social media innovation taking place, it can be easy to forget steadfast marketing tools. For your small business, Facebook might be one of these tools. Social media sites and blogs now reach eight out of 10 internet users, and this accounts for 23% of time spent online. Of course, Facebook is a significant part of this, but are you using it well?

If you are making any of these mistakes, your Facebook marketing strategy could use a boost. By working with a digital marketing agency and really investing time on all of your social accounts, you can create a more effective marketing strategy overall.

Your page is not complete

Facebook pages offer many customized options, allowing you to give potential customers thorough information about your business. But by skipping some of these fields, you are sacrificing a professional image.

You’re not investing in ads

Facebook’s sponsored ad option is a great way to boost your visibility and customize target demographics. By purchasing ads consistently, you can keep a steady presence for both your followers and other Facebook users.

You don’t change up your cover photo

Your page’s cover photo is a great place to promote seasonal content and announce special offers.Unfortunatly, it’s easy to forget about this part of your page. Work with a designer to develop various cover photos ideas.

You post in paragraphs

Any digital marketing agency will tell you that social media is a visual platform, so you should use it accordingly. Instead of posting large paragraphs of text, try to keep it as snappy as possible. You can supplement with bold visuals, videos, and links to your company’s blog.

You don’t integrate your content

Cross-platform marketing is key to maximizing visibility. When you write a blog post, be sure to share it on your Facebook and Twitter. You can also post various versions of the same content on all three platforms. Get creative and keep search engine optimization in mind.

By taking the time to refresh your Facebook page, you can create a more effective social media marketing strategy. Just remember that social demographics are constantly changing, so your methods should to. By staying diligent, you can build a strategy that truly draws in results.