Social Media ExpertsWhen it comes to social media trends, there are certainly some gimmicks worth ignoring. This year seems to be challenging that idea, turning out high-quality trends that actually show results. If your business is looking to improve your internet marketing, give these features a try to boost customer attraction, interaction, and retention.

Instagram Stories

This feature is more than just a glorified Snapchat. Instagram stories actually have useful hidden features that you can use to interact with customers. You can embed links into the story that users will simply “swipe up” to reveal, for example. Stories are a fresh, fun, customizable way to supplement social sharing, promote content, and show company culture.

Sponsored Content

Purchasing sponsored posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are an affordable way to push your content out to thousands of people. You can choose different reaches depending on your business goals.

Live Videos

These videos can act as virtual events, encouraging your customers and followers to tune in at a certain time to watch. Try using live videos to offer a behind the scenes look into your production process, deliver a special message, or interview a member of your team. Encourage viewers to leave questions and thoughts in the comments section, upping customers involvement.


A social media marketing staple of the past several years, influencers certainly live up to their name. Find relevant public figures or bloggers to use and subtly promote your product in their content. These people have serious reach, so use it to your advantage.

Social Messaging

Many businesses are moving away from traditional email and phone communication, talking with their customers through private message. This method puts emphasis on customer individuality. Decide whether you are going to train your customer service team in social communication or if you’d rather develop chat bots. Either way, you are bringing your business solutions one step closer to your customers.

As you try different social media trends, be sure to pay attention to what works. Be diligent about collecting data and adjust your online marketing strategy accordingly. Social media platforms and blogs reach eight out of 10 internet users in the United States, adding up to 23% of all online activity. Keep this in mind as you are planning your internet marketing and make sure to reach these users.