online marketing ideasThe Internet is a powerful force and a tool that businesses have eagerly taken advantage of. Almost every company has a website, is active on social media, and utilize blogs or other types of online advertising or content-driven strategies to increase their traffic and audience. Online marketing is a key tool for most businesses and one that requires relatively few resources. The resource you should be looking to utilize with online marketing is that of a company who specializes in the field. They’ll be able to drive a successful online campaign and have resources, industry knowledge, and the focus that your own team might not have. It lets you focus on other aspects of your business and let the third party firm focus on the different types of online marketing that will rocket your business to success.

What is Online Marketing? 

Understanding the basics of what online marketing is, is actually as simple as its name. Essentially, it’s a type of marketing and advertising that utilizes the Internet to get their brand or service across to customers. However, there are a number of different branches that fall under online marketing, such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, mobile advertising, and display advertising.

Most online marketers use a combination of these when they run a campaign for maximum success. As of 2016, online advertising revenue was greater than that of TV or broadcasting advertising revenue — no surprise, since most people spend a great deal of their day online, either at work or in their personal lives. And with the rise of smartphones and data, people can simply take the Internet with them, increasing the likelihood of their exposure to ads.

What are the Components of Online Marketing? 

E-mail marketing is still a big element of online marketing. If you’re a fan of a certain brand or site, you may be prompted to sign up for news from them — often with an extra bonus of receiving a percentage off your first purchase if you do so. After that, you receive e-mails from them advertising sales, new products, and more. We’ve all likely subscribed to a site’s newsletter and have probably bought things thanks to news of a good sale.

Social media marketing is another important online marketing tool. Almost three-quarters of brand marketers saw an uptick in traffic on websites even after only putting in six hours a week on social media. Almost every adult these days has some type of social media affiliated with them, and it’s an easy way to reach consumers.

Search engine marketing is perhaps a quieter form of online marketing, but is very effective in subtle ways. Essentially, it boosts a website’s visibility when someone searches for a specific term or phrase. Whether they pay for placement or deliver high quality content with keywords, the end result is to make a website more prominently featured and higher up in a search engine result.

How Can an Online Marketing Agency Benefit My Business? 

Because practically every business is online, you need yours to stand out from the crowd. Online marketing is a critical way to do that. Not only can it help your visibility increase, but increased visibility means more sales, which means more revenue, word of mouth, and better exposure all around.

It can also help you better understand what your customers want and are looking for, as well as build firmer connections with both your customers and your partners. You might also wind up refining your brand — and your brand’s story — through this type of marketing, building a stronger customer base and attracting new customers through the story you’re telling.

And ideally, this type of marketing will help with the ever tricky conversion of leads into sales — and not just any sales, but repeat sales! You want a customer to return again and again, after all.

Build up your customer base and see revenue increase when you work with a talented online marketing firm like Marketing Magnitude. It’s an important aspect of any business these days and you want to take advantage of the resources out there!